1. Fuel consumed and Taxes affecting the car are the responsibility of the hirer.

2. The car, subject of thiscontract, is hired between the times of 08.00 and 22.00hours, unless otherwise specifically expressed. Deliveries and collections out of these hours will be charged at 9 EUROS per Hour. The return of the car before the termination of the contract does not warrant the return of any part of monies paid, the company declining any right to do so in this respect. The customer expressly authorises to charge to their visa all payments indicated in the Hire Contract for whatever concept.

3. In cases of breakdown or accident, wherever occuring, the hirer must immediately inform the company. Failure to do so may result in responsibilty and charges falling on the customer.

4. The hirer recognises and declares to have received the car in perfect condition for use and promises to use the hired car for what it is designated for.

5. It is totally forbidden to drive the car A.In any type of competition. B.By any person not on the Hire Contract. C. With more occupants than is authorised. D. For any use which breaks the law. E.Breaking the highway code F. Under the influence of alcohol,drugs,or any other intoxicating substances.

6. The hirer declares to know the laws of driving in Spain and especially speed limits, Any fines are the responsibility of the hirer.

7. The hired car has the following cover: A. Obligatory Insurance and voluntary civil responsibility for third parties B. Criminal defence, Judicial costs and Bail if needed.

8. The hirer is totally responsible for damage and imperfections caused to the car. The hirer must meet all cost of repairs to the car. The company is not obliged to replace the car, the hirer losing the total sum paid at the time of contract.

9. If the hirer breaks any of the conditions established in the contract, the driver will be held responsible for any damages or injuries.

10.The contractors may voluntarily and rapidly refer to the tribunals of Lloret de Mar in any cases of discrepencies which may occur in the interpretation or execution of the present contract.

DRIVING LICENCE: Drivers must be 18 years of age and held a valid licence for 2 years

RESERVATIONS: In your hotel, travel agency or our offices (8-13h and 16-20h).

INSURANCE: The rate includes UNLIMITED civil liability insurance.