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Loyalty Offer

Reward your loyalty

We thank our customers for their loyalty and therefore to all our customers booking their car through our website with your client code, will benefit from a discount of up to 10%.

If you do not have a client code please email with your name and I'll send you, so you will enjoy all the deals and promotions for clients of Aba Cars Lloret. Offer valid for customers already registered in our database.

automatic cars

Automatic cars fleet

We try, at all times, meet the needs of our customers, therefore, at the detectable increase in our reserves in choosing cars with automatic transmission, we decided to increase our fleet with a wide range in all groups.

In addition to our carousel of fleet images, you can see more images of your chosen car in our blog.

Offer over 55 years

Offer older than 55

The good driver, like good wine improves with age and therefore from Aba Cars Lloret want to reward those over 55 years with a special 10% discount.

It also includes insurance without excess so that nothing can ruin your vacation.